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2018 Conference - Board Dynamics for Emerging Clinics

Beth Brown; Your first board was likely recruited among your circle of acquaintances, rounding up those that would provide the support you felt was most needed at the time. Now you are growing. So is your staff, your budget, your need for space – and the need for some tough decisions. You need a different type of board member. This session addresses the critical process of board transition that happens when there is a mix of founding board members and newly recruited community members that may have a different expectation of what board membership means. How do you keep the new board members engaged? How do you temper the culture of entitlement that founding members sometimes bring to the table? How do you phase out board members that perhaps need to move on?

2017 Conference - How faith carried our clinic through the storms

Hong Wilson, pediatrician at Crossroad Health Center in Cincinnati, will share candidly from real life experiences of working with a FQHC clinic which transitioned through an ownership change, not once but four times in 10 years. Through all of that upheaval and uncertainty the staff learned to see the faithfulness of God in the midst of the storm. Hear inspiring stories of numerous, specific answers to prayer, how love melts the challenges, and how trust in an Almighty God can lead to solutions for problems. If you would like to be strengthened by testimony of growing faith and encountering God don’t miss this workshop. Hong Wilson

2015 Conference - Executive Leadership in Times of Challenge and Change

Led by Janice Sherman, MPA. Leadership must be more flexible than ever before. Leaders must guide staff through challenges of growth and transitions and sustain a viable business model while building a caring organizational culture that honors Christ. Explore those issues in this presentation.

2015 Conference - Coaching in Healthcare, RX for Growth and Leadership

Led by Ann Tsen, MD, and Ken Jones, CLDC. Burnout is increasing among healthcare professionals. Coaching is a rapidly growing discipline with the power to help individuals and organizations navigate change, gain clarity, live out their calling, and truly thrive.

2014 Conference - Pam Stanberry

Transitions: Helping Organizations Improve Morale in Times of Change