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2018 Conference - "It's a Beautiful Day in the Hood....Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

Daisey Dowell; You know that you've been called to serve in the inner-city. However you sometimes wonder how you can effectively serve in a community whose culture may be quite different from the one that you have always known. This workshop will utilize discussion and case study illustrations to provide practical steps that we can take to better understand the culture, and engage more fully, with the community that we have been called to serve as urban missionaries.

2017 Conference - Beginning with the end in mind: The 10 year process from vision to sustainability of an urban community health center

This session will describe the process for establishing a community health center from a Neighborhood Transformation (NT) perspective in an urban setting. Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center was established to meet the needs of the medically underserved low income population in West Louisville, KY. With a NT framework and a FQHC model, Shawnee evolved to become a key part of the community and a leader in neighborhood transformation efforts while maintaining both the mission and margin. This success was in large part due to the Board of Director's leadership and decision-making processes from day one. Phyllis Platt

2015 Conference - Behold, I am doing a new thing: living in the newness of the holy spirit

Jeremy Crider, MD. When the Holy Spirit fills us with a passion for doing his will, we should respond joyfully and follow wholeheartedly.

2014 - Steve Noblett - The Church in the City

This is a sermon from by Steve Noblett, current executive director of CCHF, on relocation, incarnational presence, the importance of the church in transforming the city; and includes a powerful personal testimony by a young family that became strategic neighbors in an under-resourced community in Memphis, TN. This was originally preached in 2001.

2014 Conference - Jeff & Carrie Amstutz

Missional Living: Overcoming Challenges from the Jungle to Memphis

2014 Conference - Karen Rose and Joshua Fuder

Asparagus, Blood Sugar, and Colanders: The ABCs of Farming, Nutrition, and Health