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2015 Conference - Journeys in Rural Healthcare

25% of Americans live in low population centers, yet only 10% of all healthcare providers work in rural settings. Hear Drs. John Waits and Lacy Smith describe their journey in opening a clinic and raising their families in the rural south.

2015 Conference - Saving the Commitment to Marriage

Dorothy O'Neill, PsyD. In today's society divorce has become the way out of a difficult marriage. Divorce is an epidemic that not only destroys relationship but the very core of life. This session examines Integrated Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT).

2015 Conference - Motivational Interviewing and SBIRT with Substance Abuse

Jim Henderson, MD, and Matt Rafalski, MD, lead this workshop in motivation interviewing and SBIRT (screening, brief interview, referral to treatment). This session outlines Siloam Clinic's proactive and successful first year of addressing this aspect of patient care.

2015 Conference - Your Website Smells Like Cheese

Jason Stevens and Sarah Dickert lead a light hearted but vital conversation in maximizing your website image. Better pictures, recognizable branding, how to make a better website happen with limited resources.

2015 Conference - A Practical Guide to Depression

Rachel Zahn, PsyD, and Karla Torres-Ferrer, PsyD, lead this workshop with educational tools to identify symptoms of depression with objective measures for screening.

2015 Conference - Bioethics: Intersection of Medicine, Technology, Law and Theology

Led by Richard Goad, DPM. This session provides an overview of the principles of bioethics and ethical struggles we commonly encounter.

2015 Conference - Navigating Partnerships with the Big Guys, Creating the Win-Win between Hospitals and Clinics

Led by Holly Lang. Relationships between community-based clinics and hospitals/health systems can be tricky, and are often loaded with misconceptions from both sides. This session offers candid discussion on how to proactively address potential problems.

2015 Conference - Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Patients, Taking a Spiritual History

Led by Bob Mason, MDiv. Many Christian health professionals want to integrate their faith in every area of life, including their practice. If you are apprehensive, unsure about ethics, need tools for talking to people about spiritual issues, this workshop is for you.

2015 Conference - Science, Faith and Healthcare: Unapologetic Apologetics

Led by Bill Griffin, DDS. Wondering if science and faith are incompatible in your clinic? Unsure where things believed in faith fit in with empirical truths? Listen to learn how your faith can influence the care you offer to patients.

2015 Conference - Executive Leadership in Times of Challenge and Change

Led by Janice Sherman, MPA. Leadership must be more flexible than ever before. Leaders must guide staff through challenges of growth and transitions and sustain a viable business model while building a caring organizational culture that honors Christ. Explore those issues in this presentation.