2015 Conference - Precepting as Discipleship

Kristin Martel, MD. Students who do clinical rotations need more than just medical training. Our challenge must be to faithfully precept students in a manner that is Kingdom-centered and that resists being watered down by fatigue or apathy.

2015 Conference - #blessed

Lance Luttrell, MSIE. Is it possible that God would call you to work in a clinic in crisis and wrestling with its mission? Or to a place where you might face suspicion and lack of appreciation? Doesn't God want us all to experience success? Come explore the beatitudes and look for principles and practical examples that lead us to the grace and glory of God in the midst of difficult trials.

2015 Conference - Living Too Close to the Edge

James Brooks, MDiv. Many who are doing the difficult work of serving those in great need are living margin-less lives. This results in high levels of stress that will eventually wear you down, rob you of joy, and turn this amazing calling into just another pressurized job. Building on Christian principles and practices, this workshop will help Christian workers examine ways to create margin in everyday life.