2016 Conference - Bringing Healing and Restoration to Offenders that Fuel Human Trafficking

An overview of the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual approach and to identify intervention strategies to bring healing and restoration to victims of human trafficking. Lori Basey

2016 Conference - You Want Me to Drink From What?

How do we as Christ's disciples avoid letting the "fire hose" drown us during med school and residency while still thriving spiritually? Swimmies Optional. Donald Dickert

2016 Conference - Leading Servanthood

As assistants, nurses, and administrators we are called to service. Learn practical tools for being a blessing to your colleagues in the clinic. Also covers tangible ways for each team member to engage patients in our common spiritual mission. Lance Luttrell

2016 Conference - 67 Bottles of Pills on the Coffee Table

This session addresses pharmacist run medication therapy management, targeted health education and creative compliance tools in a primary care setting. PJ Pitts

2016 Conference - Precepting as Discipleship

Students who do clinical rotations with us need more than just medical training. This session examines objectives and lessons based on Siloam Family Health Center's primary care preceptorship program. Kristin Martel

2016 Conference - Evidence Based Approach to the Impact of Spirituality on Health

This workshop takes a hard look at the evidence surrounding spirituality and it's impact on health. We will analyze some ancient spiritual disciplines including lectio divina, solitude, and community. Jonathan Wilson

2016 Conference - The Challenge of Serving Well During Times of Personal Struggle

In this session we explore bibilically based strategies to build resiliency, and find the strength we need in order to serve well in the midst of personally challenging times. Daisey Dowell

2016 Conference - Overflowing Grace: Not Quite the Way I Thought it Would Be

God uses events and difficulties to show Himself with overflowing grace. Looking a 2 Cor 4 we learn from Paul, who was confronted with his own weaknesses - and found God's grace to brin overflowing thanksgiving to the glory of God. Susan Post

2016 Conference - Leading a Christian FQHC: The Lawndale Way of Embracing Growth, Faith, and Inclusivity

Growth brings in new people, new perspectives, and new challenges to the hope of mission clarity in service to Jesus. This workshop follows Lawndale CHC through seasons of growth over 32 years. Challenges are defined and strategies are offered. Bruce Miller

2016 Conference - Energizing Your Volunteer Force

This session provides step-by-step instructions and useful hints for creating a dynamic volunteer force, which will boost your clinic's capacity. Elaine Richards

Topics: volunteers