2017 Conference - A Biblical Basis for Health and Healing

The Bible has much to say about health and healing. Jesus spent significant time and energy ministering to the sick and infirm. Unfortunately, too often those involved in delivering healthcare to the sick have had very little Biblical teaching or experience in this vital area. This lack of knowledge can hinder and limit the effectiveness with which ministry to those in need of healing takes place. In this workshop we will explore some Biblical truths in order to help each attendee begin to develop a Biblical theology and philosophy regarding health and healing and wholeness. Mitch Duininck

2017 Conference - John Perkins' 3 Rs Application Today

In 1976 John Perkins began teaching a framework for ministry in low income communities known as The Three Rs: Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution. Are they still a valid framework for us to use today, 41 years later? We think so. In this workshop you will learn how we at Lawndale Christian Health Center still utilize the The Three Rs as core values for guiding our work. Might The Three Rs help your organization? This workshop will help you ponder creating core values and clear frameworks for creating an effective ministry. James Brooks, Bruce Miller.

2017 Conference - 4 Areas of Christian Healthcare Ministry

A lot has changed over the years with CCHF.  In the early days, there were only a handful of organizations that aligned themselves as being committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. Now there are hundreds. These organizations create communities where like-minded, missionally-driven, medical disciples can walk out their faith with as many obstacles removed as possible.  In other words, they are a collection of individuals who ideally live like the body of Christ while practicing whole person care for those who are poor. Join us as we discuss 4 areas of healthcare ministry and how you might find your place of service. Steve Noblett

2017 Conference - Taking a Spiritual History: Good Medicine for the Patient and the Professional?

Peer reviewed and popular studies show that patients want their healthcare professional to be sensitive to their spiritual needs. But can that be done in a timely, professional, caring, and ethical manner? Healthcare professionals are often unclear how they might care for the whole person – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Also, many are lagging behind in the Joint Commission directives for whole person care. This practical session will equip you with proven tools that will empower you to provide a compassionate and superior level of patient care. It might also refresh your passion for work and ministry! Bob Mason

2017 Conference - Providing Spiritual Care: Is It Ethical?

You'd like to care for the whole person - medical, emotional, and spiritual. And your patients seem to appreciate this as well. But is it professionally appropriate? Is it ethical? Does it violate the professional/patient relationship or take advantage of the vulnerable patient? And what if you practice in a secular setting? This session will look at various issues regarding the provision of whole person care to patients such as ethics, outcomes, attitudes of professionals and patients drawing from a number of sources including peer reviewed studies and Joint Commission guidelines. Jennifer Jung

2017 Conference - The Four Domains of Spiritual Health

Those who seek to diagnose spiritual health tend to focus merely on personal faith, beliefs and convictions. And, the tendency in healthcare is to assess spirituality from a generalized, pluralistic perspective rather than a distinctively Christian worldview. This session will offer a more robust approach to spiritual health that is informed by Biblical theology and focused on the person of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the Biblical narrative, participants will have a framework for spiritual health that leads to clear action steps for moving patients closer to Christ regardless of faith background. Jim Shultz

2017 Conference - Conflict management at work: the peacemaker addition

Just the thought of managing conflict in the workplace can evoke intimidation and fear in even the most courageous of hearts. Let's face it: many would rather quit their jobs than deal with conflict. In referencing the beatitudes, as those who are called "the children of God," how do we rise to the challenge of becoming "peacemakers" in our own work place? How does a healthy view of conflict management change the work culture to promote creativity, teamwork, and engagement? How important is our identity as "children of God" in creating this shift? Join us in this discussion! Janet Im

2017 Conference - Hiring for the Sweet Spot - Hiring Mission-Minded Employees

Finding the right person for your organization can sometimes be a struggle; but when you find the right mission-minded employee it’s the sweetest accomplishment of your hiring experience. Hiring for the sweet spot will explore the struggles of hiring the right person while following the laws of interviewing. How do we ask the right questions without violating the law or offending the applicant? In this workshop we’ll discuss the hiring process at Lawndale Christian Health Center, determine how to ask the right questions when interviewing for mission, how to distinguish between interviewing for mission skills (faith) vs. religion. Steve Noblett/ Brandy Boler-Daniels

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2017 Conference - How faith carried our clinic through the storms

Hong Wilson, pediatrician at Crossroad Health Center in Cincinnati, will share candidly from real life experiences of working with a FQHC clinic which transitioned through an ownership change, not once but four times in 10 years. Through all of that upheaval and uncertainty the staff learned to see the faithfulness of God in the midst of the storm. Hear inspiring stories of numerous, specific answers to prayer, how love melts the challenges, and how trust in an Almighty God can lead to solutions for problems. If you would like to be strengthened by testimony of growing faith and encountering God don’t miss this workshop. Hong Wilson

2017 Conference - From the Clinic to the Community: Looking Outside the Walls of Your Clinic

This session is a personal story of a family physician who worked in a mission hospital in Kenya, East Africa for 13 years. Through a series of events and personal relationships, this doctor's ministry shifted from what "he could do" as a clinician to a vision of "what God can do" when communities are empowered to own their processes of community health and development and manage their health priorities. This session emphasizes the role of public health workers in promoting a wholistic view of the gospel that includes spiritual, physical, emotional, and social well-being. Philip Renfroe