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Singleness _ Traci Warner

Posted by CCHF on September 18, 2017

Do you remember sitting in English class during your freshman year and being asked to write an essay about what or where you’d be in 10 years? That was easy. I knew I’d be 1) married with children, 2) a physician, and 3) serving as a full-time missionary overseas. If someone could have looked ahead at my future and told me I’d be 1) single, 2) a nurse (nurse practitioner, specifically), and 3) living and working in a clinic in downtown Nashville, I would have considered my life one of complete failure. 

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You Can Go Your Own Way... When God Tells You

Posted by CCHF on July 24, 2017

When we first decide to follow Jesus, we realize that our God is trustworthy.  This passionate desire to follow his will can dim when we are trying to follow God’s will for our life, but are confused about what His will actually is. We hear the voices of our friends, our family, our culture, and wonder, “I am doing the right thing?” This article can give insight into various paths available to us and assures us that the unconventional and lesser known places may be exactly where God wants us.

Jessie Thomas

Director of Student Programming


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Remembering Dr. Peter Boelens

Posted by CCHF on June 26, 2017

Dr. Peter Boelens is a name that many of you will not know. Dr. Boelens founded a little health center deep in the Mississippi Delta in the early 1970s that became a model for Christian clinics around the country.  If you have ever worked in a CCHF clinic, it was likely influenced by a clinic that had its roots in the work of Dr. Boelens, or one of three other pioneers who are still with us today.

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