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March 22 @ 8pm CST

What can I expect on the conference prayer call?

  • A structured time with a clear agenda that keep us focused and still allow for the Spirit’s leading.
  • A visible, unified community defined by focus on seeking God and appealing for His favor on behalf of those attending the conference, the planners, the speakers, the worshop team . . .
  • An opportunity for the Holy Spirit to teach us and develop us into effective intercessors.
  • A time to speak to God, and to expect him to speak to us, providing encouragement and direction to us and others in the CCHF community. 

As wonderful as medicine is, as powerful and as necessary as it is, it is not enough. We need God to intervene in ways that go beyond our best plans and efforts. Gathering to pray together acknowledges our dependence on God to do more than we have imagined. During the call we will pray for the 2022 CCHF Conference.

We hope to see you there!

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