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Academic Medicine as a Mission Field

Posted on January 1, 2008

Academic Pediatrician Michelle Barratt describes the challenges and opportunities of mentoring students and residents, being transparent in her faith to those she serves, especially students and residents, while serving her patients and their families.

Topics: H&D, Doctors

Champaign County Christian Health Center

Posted on January 1, 2008

A pastor’s account of the development of a church’s vision to provide quality, holistic Christian health care to the needy community of Champaign, IL, and the team of committed people that have sustained that vision, with support and encouragement from CCHF and CCHF-related health-care ministries.

Topics: H&D, Christian Clinics


Posted on January 1, 2008

The author draws on wisdom writings and the example of Jesus to accentuate the importance of compassion, cultural awareness and humanity into the clinical health-care encounter. Rowe then applies this cura approach to the specific situation of refugees and their health care.

Topics: H&D, Cultural Issues

Do You Have Dirty Feet?

Posted on January 1, 2008

Pastor and Missions Director, Nathan Cook draws on the life of the prophet Isaiah as an example of how God sometimes calls us to "imprudent obedience".

Topics: H&D, Biblical Principles, Missional Living


Posted on January 1, 2008

This is a montage of short articles written by various CCHF members from all over the world as a response to the question, "Is the Kingdom of God a significant motivating factor in your work with the poor, and if so, how?"

Topics: H&D, Working With the Underserved

Managing Chronic Pain in an Environment of Narcotic Misuse

Posted on January 1, 2008

Appalachia has one of the highest incidents of prescription drug abuse in the country. These two physicians share how knowing five key things can benefit providers in helping their patients manage chronic pain and minimize potential misuse.

Topics: H&D, Doctors

Learning to Pray for Healing

Posted on January 1, 2008

Missionary physician Steve Hawthorne describes his shocking discovery of the extent to which he had compartmentalized his faith, and then shares his quest to integrate his secular, scientific profession of healing with his faith in God, who actively sustains all aspects of his creation.

Topics: H&D, Doctors, Biblical Principles

Healing Affluenza

Posted on January 1, 2008

The second of the author's biblical reflections from the 2007 CCHF Conference digs deeply into the historical and contemporary significance of the man that Jesus healedand releasedfrom the disease of dropsy, which Loberg likens to avarice.

Topics: H&D, Biblical Principles

The Challenge of Hospitality

Posted on January 1, 2008

We have a Biblical mandate and a rich heritage of true hospitality. This thoughtful article is both a summary and continuation of the workshop that the Hartman's led at Conference '08 on The Challenge of Hospitality.

Topics: H&D, Missional Living

What You See is What You Get!

Posted on January 1, 2008

Why do you do what you do? What are you building? Pat Burns talks about how a revelation of the kingdom of God gives us a model and a motive for community development and reconciliation.

Topics: H&D, Community Development

Where is God in a bad week?

Posted on January 1, 2008

A Christian physician working in a secular health center shares how a week that got out of control brought her to a greater understanding of who Christ is and a deeper dependence on his mercy.

Topics: H&D, Doctors, Stress & Burnout