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HIV/AIDS and the Kingdom of God

Posted on January 1, 2007

Tazelaar sees God redeeming the HIV/AIDS crisis in Sub-Sahara Africa for the kingdom purposes of community, justice, and evangelism.

Topics: H&D, HIV/AIDS

The HIV Epidemic in the Caribbean:

Posted on January 1, 2005

The authors describe AIDS Christian Caribbean Empowerment Services and Solutions (ACCESS), a pilot project to develop comprehensive health care clinics in the Caribbean.

Topics: H&D, HIV/AIDS, Cultural Issues, Community Development

Medicine for the Least of These

Posted on January 1, 2005

The author discusses some of the thinking that keeps churches from embracing their HIV/AIDS neighbors, especially in poor communities.

Topics: H&D, HIV/AIDS, Community Development, Biblical Principles

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Posted on January 1, 2005

A pastor applies Cain's infamous question to world crises, and makes a biblical case that a "life with God is a life of being my brother's keeper."

Topics: H&D, HIV/AIDS, Biblical Principles