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Episode 104: On the Front Lines

We know, we know. Yet another spotlight on the opioid crisis.  Before you ignore this episode, listen up. Today on CCHFtalk, we take a hard look at how our CCHF family across the United States are responding to the opioid epidemic in America from a Christian perspective including chronic pain, heroin addiction, and the rising tide of overdose deaths.  

Be inspired by CCHF | talk, a monthly podcast produced by Christian Community Health Fellowship.  Join Steve Noblett and the CCHF staff as we explore topics related to healthcare to marginalized communities.  Listeners will be refreshed, encouraged, inspired, empowered to continue in your ministry & mission, and you might even learn something new!  

Upcoming episodes include: 

  • Four Components of a Christian Healthcare Ministry 
  • Grit and Grace: the Art and Strategy for Resilience
  • Where Students Get Off Track
  • Integrated Spiritual Care as a Learned Skill
  • Charity vs. Justice
  • Pioneers of a Movement: the Stories of Four Foundational Christian Healthcare Ministries
  • Discipleship and Empowerment Through a Christian Healthcare Ministry
  • God's Concern for the Poor
  • The Place for Weakness in the Christian Healthcare Professional
  • American Addiction to Opioids: Chronic Pain and Heroin, and what Christians are Doing About it
  • Fresh Approach to Population Health: Bringing a More Biblical Framework into a Developing Healthcare Model

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