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The story of Nick Adams*

Posted on June 25, 2013

Christ Community's family medicine hospital service is staffed by a small number of supervising and resident doctors; over the course of Nick’s long stay, we all cared for him. He was white, thin, and had a graying beard. When we spoke to him, he answered flatly, usually in short sentences. On occasion, however, he would volunteer curious information. One morning he informed us that he had met God in New Jersey. On another he mentioned a specific high school in Slate Hill, NY. Mostly he laid on his bed or sat in a chair looking out the window of his eighth floor room. He seemed to especially enjoy watching the Central High School Band practice in Crump Stadium.

The brain surgeons told us what we already knew: Nick’s tumor was too large and too fast growing to benefit from surgery. He would die in a matter of weeks, perhaps months. We set ourselves to figuring out who he was, hoping to contact whatever family he might have.