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Lydia Reasonover Best

In the spring of 2002, God gave me a Genesis 12:1 type of call to leave my comfortable, though less-than-fulfilling job at a major heath center in Detroit. I finally heeded the call—almost 6 months laternot knowing where I was going, or how. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to a CCHF conference and happily attended with ten other Detroiters in ministry. Little did I know my answer awaited me there. At the May, 2003 Annual CCHF conference I met like-minded
soldiers in God’s army who were in the trenches, affecting lives—at some personal sacrifice but with tremendous reward. They had uncertainties too, but more importantly, they had experience and they gave me pointers that kept me out of some of the ditches they had fallen into. They faced similar condemnation from family members who thought they were making the biggest mistakes of their lives. But because they, like no one else, could see the hand of God on their lives, they kept going.

And so have I. Now, as a Medical Director of a Christ-centered free and low-cost health-care clinic, I have since reunited with my colleague/mentors several times at other CCHF conferences. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I have been re-enlightened as to my call, my purpose and my destiny by the assurance that I alone am NOT left to do his will. I have implemented practical strategies that I learned at my CCHF “refreshings” and my family, my clinic, my community have been blessed because of the contacts I made through CCHF. I met my boss at a conference. Our clinic received a grant through CCHF to hire me, and recently, a warrior with CCHF helped us apply to the government as a Federally Qualified Health Center. I can’t wait to see what God shows me in Chicago, May 31, 2007 at this year’s CCHF Annual Conference. Look for me there; I'll be the one with the biggest smile!

by Lydia Reasonover Best, MD, Medical Director of Covenant Community Care, Inc., Detroit, MI