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Sharon Zinnah

Back in 2000 I heard this wonderful story about a great but humble man in the state of Mississippi, doing work in a poor community around racial reconciliation. I wanted to know more and the individual who was sharing the story told me, “Why don't you come to a CCHF conference and you will meet this gentleman and can learn more about his life?” I took that opportunity that year and have been an active participant in the CCHF conferences ever since. I did get to meet Perkins that year, read his book, heard his story and I knew then I needed to become a part of CCHF. Not just coming to the conferences but participating as a speaker, and a technical support consultant.

I have loved the philosophy of CCHF from day one. I am a RN who lives and works in the community I serve. I love the idea of living among those in need so to not only serve those in need but be “with” those in need; not just lip service but life service. I enjoy coming to the conferences for refreshment, renewal, and the opportunity to see great people show the love of God by the work they do and lives they live. I met Juvy, who inspired me with her quiet dignity and commitment to her work. I met Josie, who was a behind-the-scenes person who was a powerhouse of ideas and abilities. I met Marlene, who would jump in a car in a split second to pick you up from the airport or help you find your way when you got lost. I met Jerry, who lived his passion and carried the vision for so long it inspired you just to be in the room with him. I met Keesha, who has inspired me with her writings and great stories of her heart for people. I met doctors, nurses, social workers who love being poured out for the service to the poor and needy. I grew so much in those encounters with the people of CCHF. I am bigger and stronger in my faith walk because of those encounters and my life’s ministry has become clearer and more urgent due to those encounters.

CCHF is an organization that has inspired countless health-care providers, neighbors, clergy, etc. etc. etc. I will always have a wonderful place in my heart for the work of CCHF and will continue to support its vision, attend those yearly conferences, and pray for its continued sustainability and longevity.

Sharon Zinnah, RN, Program Coordinator with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI