Gap Year

Have you completed your undergraduate education?  Do you want to learn more about distinctively Christian healthcare for the underserved before you advance to your next stage of training?  Consider a “gap year” at a CCHF clinic. Get rooted in your faith and calling as you serve as an intern.

Lawndale Christian Health Center

     Lawndale Christian Health Center offers internship opportunities to students interested in serving in an urban, multicultural healthcare environment. Internship opportunities are available in a variety of areas within our organization. Our internships are generally unpaid, but applicants can apply with their college/university to receive school credit. While we are always accepting internship applications, the availability of internship openings vary. Interns are placed based on availability in the specified department.

Medical Campus Out Reach, Philadelphia, PA

     We are seeking a Godly person passionate about the basics of Christian discipleship and willing to be challenged by (sometimes) too smart for their own good health professions students with insanely busy schedules.  The applicant should be comfortable in a variety of settings such as one on one, small group, large group, church, hospital and street corner (we do door to door medical/evangelistic outreaches and neighborhood health fairs several times a year). One must apply as a Tenth Presbyterian Church intern first and then asked to be assigned to Medical Campus Outreach. 

 Contact Jerry McFarland, jmcfarland [at] tenth [dot] org or 215-735-7688 to apply.  Contact Laura Layer M.D. (MCO Director), mcophillydirector [at] gmail [dot] com, for more information.

Christ Community Health Services, Augusta, GA

We offer internships and shadowing opportunities for students who desire to integrate their faith and medicine. Questions? Contact Michelle Martin at students [at] cchsaugusta [dot] org