Student Summer Programs

Every year, hundreds of students have summer experiences which help shape the direction of their calling and future careers. These opportunities can be found around the country.  All of them will help you gain experience and knowledge as you seek Christ for your vocation.

Please see below for summer opportunities and enrollment dates to learn more about being purposeful with you time off. 

Cahaba Summer Medical Experience, Birmingham, AL

Spend time in our missional training community of family medicine residents and faculty living among and serving among our low income/medically underserved neighborhoods. We seek to help medical students: 

  • understand how you can carry out the Great Commandment by using gospel-centric health strategies to love your neighbors and neighborhoods.
  • understand how you can carry out the Great Commission by using gospel-centric health strategies to make disciples of every ethne. 
  • understand how training in a missional training community can be helpful in forming teams to go to where the greatest physical and spiritual need is, domestically and internationally. 
  • learn how to incorporate spiritual health, including prayer, Bible storying, goal setting, and other methods, into patient visits. 
  • learn what it's like to live among the community you serve and how relationships with your neighbors are key to community health. 

The experience is designed such that in the morning medical students work in our clinic seeing patients - taking histories and physicals and developing assessments and plans. This is invaluable clinical experience in the early years of medical school. You'll be encouraged to engage your patients spiritually. The afternoons will be spent engaged in spiritual or community health activities. 

 Participants will stay in our neighborhoods where most of us live as intentional neighbors. Additionally we invite you to participate in our house churches in Birmingham. 

 Where: Our urban clinic is in Birmingham, AL and is tailored for those with more of a heart for urban communities. Participants will stay in our guest house in the West End community in which our clinic is located. Our rural clinic is in Centreville, AL, about 1 hour south of Birmingham, and is tailored for those with more of a heart for rural communities. Participants will stay in our guest houses in the community. 

 When: 2 weeks of your choice between first and second year (we also accept M3 and M4 students throughout the year) 

Apply on our family medicine residency website: While there stroll through our site and learn more about our ministry and our family. 

Contact Jeremy Crider at jeremy.crider [at] cahabamedicalcare [dot] com with any questions. 

Christ Clinic Summer Institute -Katy, TX

The Summer Institute is a yearly program in which pre-medical students come to Christ Clinic for an intensive 6-week experience in the summer. Participants see all aspects of patient care and work through our curriculum that emphasizes integrating faith and the practice of medicine. Students will engage in this curriculum with our medical director, Dr. Cindy Anthis. 

The program is open to all college students who have completed at least one year of their studies.

Application deadline isin  March.  For details, see

Christ Community Health Services - Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA

Summer Internship Program - For Med Students and Nurses


  1. Four-week rotation at Christ Community Health (June 4-29, 2018)
  2. One-week rotation at Christ Community Health (between June 4-29, 2018)
  3. Optional: One-week international mission trip during or before rotation (June 2-9, 2018)

Purpose: To educate students about the needs of the poor and underserved and challenge them to lay down their lives for the Gospel and serve these communities through health care. 

Description: Students will spend approximately 4-6 weeks with providers and staff of Christ Community Health.  This will include shadowing, building patient interview and exam skills, including exposure to disease diagnosis and treatment.  Students will see holistic medicine in practice addressing medical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals.  Students will also be exposed to the fundraising and administrative requirements to operate an urban clinic.  Students will work in the community through other ministries serving the poor in the non-medical setting.  A reading list will be provided and specific projects for the clinic may be assigned to the students based on current needs. 

Students: This internship is geared toward students who have just completed their first year of Medical School, or Nursing students at any level.

Nursing students will also have the opportunity to spend time with licensed staff RNs and LPNs, and benefit from exposure to nursing case management, care coordination, and outreach events.

Housing: For out-of-town students, housing can be provided at our guest house.

Extra: An optional one-week international medical mission trip will also be offered as part of the four-week program during the month of June. The optional mission trip typically costs about $2,500, we will provide guidance on raising support to cover the cost.

Apply for the 2018 Summer Internship Program. The deadline is April 1, 2019.


Shadowing/Student Rotations/Preceptorships

If you wish to shadow a provider (MD, PA, NP) or complete a preceptorship with our clinic, please fill out the student rotation application and be sure to include the number of hours you are looking for each week and what time frame you are interested in shadowing.  Please also include a Letter of Good Standing from your school and note what specialty you need for your program (Family Medicine, PEDS, Women's Health, etc).  We accept requests on a rolling basis.

Jericho Road Community Health Center, Buffalo, NY

June 3 - June 28, 2019

Jericho Road Community Health Center is looking for medical students that have completed their first year of medical school at an accredited university!  

Click here for application.

Who: Students having completed their 1st year of medical school. Two students will be accepted into our program.

Please refer to the posted documents as reference only. The 2018 Summer Medical Internship Program will be announced in March 2018.

Where: Buffalo, NY, at our offices on both the East and West Sides of Buffalo. 

Why: To learn, grow, and develop a large world view of service to the poor. 

The Summer Medical Internship Program is a four-week program where students have the opportunity to work alongside clinicians in a multicultural and medically underserved community health center setting. Students will live and work in the community, both at our clinic and program locations, in order to provide and experience culturally sensitive and holisitic medical care in accordance with our mission and vision.

 Housing will be provided, if needed. Interns will receive a modest food and transportation stipend. This is a highly competitive program. Only two students will be accepted. Further details about the program are provided in the Internship Information document.

Complete applications are due by Friday, April 12, 2019. Accepted applicants will be announced April 19, 2019. Please contact Brittany Barber at brittany.barber [at] jrchc [dot] org for any further information, questions, or clarification.

Lawndale Summer Medical Project - Chicago, IL

Dates: June 25 - July 27 2019

The Lawndale Summer Medical Project is a 4-5 week summer program in Chicago, IL in which 4th year pre-med/pre-midlevel students and 1st year medical students have the opportunity to work alongside Christian clinicians and help to serve a medically underserved community. The program was developed in 2002 and 2003 in conjunction with the Christian Medical & Dental Association and Christian Community Health Fellowship. Students live and work in the Lawndale community to experience total immersion with the community. LSMP focuses on chronic care patients who do not access routine care and also participate in hosting health screenings at various community health fairs.

The Lawndale Summer Medical Project (LSMP) is a four week experience in an underserved area of Chicago’s southwest side. You will be seeing predominantly African-American and Latino patients at Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC). LCHC is the largest Christian health center in the United States. Services provided include primary care, dental care, eye care,and mental health care.

 Your experience will have a community medicine focus and you will:

 Live in the community where you will work and fellowship with other students.

  • Spend time doing home visits for patients with diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.
  • Run neighborhood health fairs, screening people for diabetes and hypertension.
  • Spend time shadowing Christian medical providers
  • Grow spiritually through group Bible studies, conferences on topics such as "What it Means to be a Christian Physician," and time for personal devotions and reflection.
  • Don't miss this opportunity, which, according to a previous participant, "will forever change the way [you] practice medicine."


Unique Aspects: Urban setting, Spanish-speaking patients

Application Deadline: Application and Two Reference Letters must be received by  (Thursday) March 14, 2019

Program Fee (includes housing and supplies, does not include air-fare): $700 (need-based scholarships available)

Eligible to Apply: First year medical students, Pre-med/PA/NP students who are currently in their fourth year of college.

You can discover more about the Lawndale Summer Medical Project by clicking here.

LifeSpring Community Health - Chattanooga, TN

LifeSpring is a community health ministry whose purpose is to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed by providing health education and promotion, medical services and community advocacy in urban Chattanooga, in order to transform the health of our community, body and soul. 

A learning internship is available for college students and recent graduates interested in cross cultural health care. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to observe healthcare providers and participate in community outreach programs and projects, while learning about health disparities in our Chattanooga community.  This internship is unpaid but can be flexible with your work schedule. Intern responsibilities can be tailored to fit your interests. 

Scroll to the bottom of this link for the application:

Completed applications can be returned by Email: Emily [at] lifespringcommunityhealth [dot] org

Mail: 2507 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37404

Fax: 423-624-4847

Love Thy Neighborhood- Louisville, KY

Love Thy Neighborhood is an urban missions agency for young adults, ages 18-30, impacting homelessness, the adult entertainment industry, crisis pregnancy, orphan care, healthcare, refugees, construction & low-income housing, education, neighborhood renewal, book editing & publishing, podcasting, visual arts, media & design and nonprofit leadership. We equip and mobilize the next generation of Christian leaders to work with the poor, the suffering and the marginalized in our city.  The Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center (SCHC) seeks to transform the community by sharing the love of Christ in word and deed, to facilitate community development and holistic healthcare through the empowerment of the residents in the community.

In addition to their summer program, year long internships are available. For more information, visit

Pre-Med/Pre-Pro Healthcare Student Summer Mission (2019)

Many Christian healthcare students long to live on mission by integrating their faith into their future professional practice. National studies indicate 60%-70% of patients want their health provider to address their spiritual needs. Yet most professionals do not know how to do this and health students are not taught.

Spend one week this summer learning to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of your future patients. Experienced Christian medical, nursing and allied health students, along with Christian physicians and nurses, will train you to care for the whole person – body, mind, and soul – in an ethical, caring, and sensitive manner. You’ll apply what you’ve learned by offering the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ to real patients and their family members in healthcare facilities.

This summer mission will give you invaluable training and experience that will help clarify God's calling on your life and provide a unique experience that may enhance your application to medical or nursing school or various allied health school program

This Cru summer mission is for undergrad students pursuing a career in the healthcare professions. Pre-med, pre-dental, pre-nursing, pre-allied health, and other students considering a healthcare career are welcome to apply. 

  • Location: Redlands, CA
  • Term: Jun 29, 2019 - Jul 7, 2019
  • Website: Mission Website
  • Ministry Focus: For Healthcare Students (medical, nursing, dental, allied health, pre-pro)
  • Cost: $899
  • Length: 1 week

For More info:

The Summer Medical Institute, Philadelphia (SMI Philadelphia)

Philadelphia, PA

The Summer Medical Institute, Philadelphia 2019

June 22-July 13, 2019 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SMI Philly is a dynamic urban healthcare program sponsored by Medical Campus Outreach Philadelphia ( and Esperanza Health Center, a Christian, federally qualified health center located in North Philadelphia ( More than just a mission trip, this program is designed and planned throughout the entire year to specifically disciple and develop Christian health care students while sharing the gospel and learning about holistic patient care in the community of North Philadelphia. In this intensive urban-immersion program, approximately 22 Christian health profession students learn to address the health needs of the largely underserved, urban community in Hispanic North Philadelphia and integrate their faith in the medical practice.   Students live and work together in the dense urban environment, working five days a week to provide door-to-door health screens for diabetes and hypertension, and also provide information about HIV, asthma and nutrition.  Students receive evangelism training along with medical training during orientation and share the Gospel through conversation and prayer with those they meet. Participants live together, learn collectively and work in partnership with area churches, attending the neighborhood churches each Sunday. The churches also provide local bilingual interpreters as needed, who work daily with the student teams, and partner churches will provide spiritual follow up to those in the community who request it.  At Esperanza, students will each spend a day shadowing health care providers and observe an effective model of Christian primary care (third and fourth year medical students and other upper-year students may participate in SMI as an academic rotation, pending approval and availability).  Students will learn about the issues and medical realities of the community by meeting people in the churches, in their homes, in the clinic and on the streets.  

What else can students expect during SMI Philly? Strong relationships with team members and spiritual growth and discipleship are developed through small group Bible study, daily debriefing, twice-weekly teaching on biblical foundations and daily prayer and worship. Students will learn to process and respond to the issues they encounter, learning first-hand the impact of social, cultural, spiritual and economic factors on health.   Christian clinicians (SMI "faculty") from all health care fields volunteer to work alongside the students during the outreaches each week, providing valuable relational mentoring. SMI faculty also teach students on relevant topics during orientation, breakout teaching and panel discussions known as "Institute Days," and the final "Return Training" at the program's conclusion.  Students are asked to raise $1400 to help cover program expenses, and will be provided with detailed information and help during this process.

SMI Philadelphia applications are due March 16, 2019, acceptances announced April 1. Contact the SMI director at smiphilly [at] gmail [dot] com for questions, information and the application link. Go to for information and the application link as well, or to our wordpress site for the student blog: Come join us!

Summer Medical Institute Northwest

The Summer Medical Institute Northwest (SMI NW) is a yearly program in which medical students come for an intensive 4-8 week experience in the summer. Participants see patients at New Heights Clinic and work through our curriculum that emphasizes integrating faith and the practice of medicine. Students review curriculum materials with our outstanding physician mentors. The program is open to 1st through 4th year medical students.
For more information on our domestic summer opportunity called Summer Medical Institute NW, please send us an emailSMINW [at] newheights [dot] org

Whole Person Care Preceptorship

Southern California

June 6-July 11, 2019

At the 18th annual Whole Person Care Preceptorship (WPCP) held in Southern California, you’ll receive professional training to ethically and sensitively assess and address the spiritual needs of your patients. Weekly you’ll work with and learn from seasoned Christian physicians and healthcare professionals who regularly integrate their faith into their patient care in a variety of specialties and settings. Plus you’ll have ample opportunities to do the same with real patients in both clinical and hospital situations.

Most importantly, you’ll grow and reconnect with God and become better prepared to lead colleagues spiritually. You will enjoy ample time for personal devotionals and learn from experts in the fields of personal ministry, bioethics, apologetics, and theology.

As you serve and enjoy the incredible attractions of California, you’ll build lasting relationships and community with like-minded students and return to school rejuvenated and refreshed. The WPCP is a joint venture of Medical Strategic Network, Cru, and Loma Linda University Medical Center.

The Preceptorship occurs June 6-July 11, 2019 in Redlands, CA, a quaint historic town 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

Those Eligible To Apply

Eligible applicants are those enrolled in
or officially accepted into professional schools such as medical, nursing, dental, OT, PT, PA, and certain allied health fields.

Pre-med, pre-nursing, or other pre-professional student? Consider our Pre-Med / Pre-Health Professional Project. Visit for more info.

For more information, visit

Application Deadline

All Applications need to be postmarked by March 15, 2019. 

Organized and sponsored by Medical Strategic Network

Contact: Patti Morrow Phone - (760) 249-6761 Email - ptmorrow014 [at] gmail [dot] com

VCMC Summer Scholars Program 2019, Ventura, CA

The Summer Scholar Program at Ventura County Medical Center is a unique summer internship designed to expose undergraduate college students to the field of healthcare by immersing them in a professional medical environment.  5 undergraduate students participate in this full-time, intensive 8-week opportunity.  Priority is given to residents of Ventura County. Though this is not a Christian program, we can help you find Christian community in Ventura.


Summer Scholars are placed with faculty preceptors who coordinate opportunities for the students to observe and participate in a variety of patient care settings.  Student Scholars attend teaching conferences at the Medical Center, make rounds with medical staff and observe patient interactions and procedures as appropriate.  These experiences will include emergency room visits, trauma resuscitations, live births, surgeries, autopsies and more.  In addition to shadowing both primary care and specialist physicians, Scholars spend time with physical therapists, dieticians, clinical lab specialists, substance abuse counselors and other health care professionals.  Each Student Scholar will also participate in a quality improvement or clinical research project and present their findings on the last day of the program. A few Summer Scholars have had their research published or been invited to present their research at UCLA's annual Family Medicine Research Forum.

Many of our former Scholars cite this experience as a formative one in their pursuit of a career in health care. We have even welcomed graduates of the Scholars internship into our residency program here at VCMC!


UPDATE: We are pleased to offer, with the support of the Health Care Foundation of Ventura County, a stipend of $2000 per Scholar.

Application opens in DECEMBER:

For more information: