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The mission of CCHF is to equip, encourage and engage Christians to live out the gospel through healthcare among those who are poor and marginalized.

CCHF is a catalyst and support to a growing movement of Christ’s followers who are choosing daily to promote healing in Jesus’ name. Thank you for being part of that movement. And thank you for helping us support thousands of people and organizations with who are extending Christ’s love to vulnerable neighbors.

Give securely online:

Donate through PAYPAL 

or the CCHF donation portal

OR mail your donation to us at this address

2595 Central Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

Become a Monthly Donor: By donating monthly, you help CCHF manage our cash flow. You will receive an initial acknowledgement, along with regular statements and a year-end statement.

Make a Pledge: Letting us know approximately when we can expect your gift allows us to plan our projects and activities.

Planned (or Legacy) Giving: You make a significant impact on the movement by making a planned gift to CCHF. Every gift- no matter how big or small- makes a big difference.  Planned giving doesn't have to be confusing; it can be as easy as a quick phone call or e-mail. Read more here. Please reach out to us at (901) 271-6400You should always consult with a licensed financial professional prior to changing your estate plan. CCHF offers assistance from a licensed estate attorney at our expense to help you with those changes. 

In-Kind Giving: You can support the work of by donating stocks, cars, boats, houses or other personal property. Contact the CCHF office for assistance at (901) 271-6400.