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Your Role

How Can You Become Part of the Community?

If you are working with medically underserved neighbors, and doing it out of a conviction to follow Christ, or if that is what you want to do, or if you want to support those who are doing missional work through healthcare, then you are an important part of the movement. and we want you to be part of the CCHF community.

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Tell Us Who You Are

Share your contact information through the "join" tab. We'd like to stay in touch with you, provide you with encouraging resources, and help you connect with others who have the same calling.

Tell Your Story

CCHF is a relational network – a community. Relationship requires dialogue. Begin this conversation by telling us what you are doing in the cause. Or what you are training to do. An email ([email protected]) with few sentences about what you are doing or where you believe God is leading you will let us know how we can connect with each other.

Participate in an Event

Plan to attend the next CCHF annual conference. Find details here.

Be a Contributor to the Movement

Donating to CCHF is one way you can help. But there are many ways to contribute to the movement. You can help by connecting other Christians who work with the underserved with CCHF. You can write an article or a blog post for the website. Invite a provider to speak to your campus group or your church, (we have a list if you don’t know who to ask.) Do a rotation at a Christian clinic. Mentor a student. Share an idea or a resource. Start a student group. Open a clinic. But whatever you do, pray: for the people serving, for those training to serve and for those who are being served.